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Monkey Business, Love Motels and Keeping Your Head 06/08/2007
Galapagos Dreaming 06/05/2007
Finger Puppets, Sketchy Massages and Captain Cuzco 05/23/2007
Icons of Power 05/22/2007
Wild Pigs and Dried Llamas 05/14/2007
Waterfalls, Scam Artists and Evita 05/06/2007
Stray Dogs and Nescafe 04/30/2007
Towers of Pain 04/22/2007
Naughty Pots and Chilly Bits 04/17/2007
Disco Fish and Star Wars 04/15/2007
A Strange Bird 04/10/2007
Wildcat! 04/03/2007
More Photo Highlights 03/30/2007
Cultural Exchanges 03/28/2007
Island Life and Headless Priests 03/22/2007
Hippies, Toads and Bats 03/16/2007
Volcanoes! 03/12/2007
Out of the Mouths of Tourists 03/08/2007
Some Photo Highlights 03/04/2007
To Xela by Way of California 03/03/2007
Bienvenidos a Guatemala 02/28/2007
The Adventure Begins 02/26/2007